Day 14: Paris

This morning we said goodbye to Vineta, who left for work around 8AM. The girls and I joined Filip for a breakfast of policinka, a crepe-like pancake, with marmalade; turkey ham and sliced cheese; and juice and tea. Around 8:15 Cousin B came out, dressed and obviously ready to go. We finished up our breakfast and got our bags together, then prepared to head down to the garage. Ksenja and Filip said goodbye as we got on the elevator. Down in the garage, Demo and another driver were waiting for us. Demo took me and the girls directly to the airport- aerodrom- Cousin B and his driver went to pick up DH and FIL, and we met them at the airport shortly after.

We all said thank you and goodbye to Cousin B, who wished us safe travels, and went into the airport. Demo went with us. Either they wanted to make sure we didn’t have any problems, or they wanted to make sure we got the heck out of there! 😉 Demo followed us through security and passport control, and then we were met (actually, Demo was met) by what appeared to be an undercover security officer. We were ushered into the business lounge (even though we were flying coach). A waiter came and asked if we would like anything while we waited for our plane. I took a coffee with milk, and everyone else got OJ. We dug into the cookies (very thin shortbreads) that Draginia had sent, and DH took advantage of a few minutes’ of WIFI to check email. I sent my MIL a message to let her know FIL was leaving with us for Paris today, instead of two days later as he originally planned.

Our plane arrived on the tarmac and we boarded shortly after. We had to walk outside and onto the tarmac to board, climbing a wide flight of steps like Air Force One. At the gate door we said goodbye to Demo and gave him our best hvala (“falah”- thank you!). On our way to gay Paree!

The flight from Podgorica to Montenegro was smooth. We landed at CDG a few hours later, and figured out how to navigate the airport and get to the train. The train, the RER-B, took us to a stop just a few blocks from the apartment where we were staying. Thankfully, there are maps of each Androissement (neighborhood) located near the train stops, so it’s not terribly hard to find where you want to go. Margie was waiting for us and checked us in, gave us keys and a book of instructions, and then we were officially established on Rue Marie Stuart until Friday morning.

Rue Marie Stuart

View from our window

We freshened up and put some clothes into the laundry, then headed down to the street for supper. We took a quick walk around the block to get our bearings and see what was nearby.








Everyone was thirsty, so we stopped at a juice bar called “Wanna Juice!” and got smoothies (strawberry with mint, fresh pineapple).


For dinner, we settled on the restaurant downstairs – the Compas d’Or. (Gold Compass). The Compass was not a prime example of French cuisine, but it was (a) close and (b) offered a menu in English. We were all kind of tired from traveling and hungry from a day of mostly airport food, so we settled on an inside table. Our waiter was excellent and very used to English-speaking tourists. He helped us decode the menu and we ordered: steak for DH, confit of duck for me, a goat cheese salad for FIL, and the girls split roasted chicken with pommes frites.

We went to the Arc de Triomphe after dinner. All I can say is that a picture is worth well over a thousand words.








The view from the Arc is iconic.



Just like the Tour Eiffel.







On the way home, we found some gelato at a place called Delizzifollie. It was quite good, though nowhere near the calibre of Italian gelato. O6 has become a junkie for “stracciatella e vanilla”, basically two gusti in one dish. Stracciatella is comparable to our chocolate chip, but the chocolate is first melted, then drizzled warm into the icy gelato, which causes it to freeze in very thin flakes. So she ordered that, while S8 got some cherry. I think DH also got stracciatella and vanilla, and FIL passed on dessert. I tried the nicoise, which was delicious.




That night we all turned in for a well-earned rest. I’m pretty sure everyone fell asleep as soon as their heads hit respective pillows.