Day 1: Saronno

We are on our Europe trip. This series was originally published on my personal blog, but I have copied it here since it also applies to school.


We spent most of today sleeping, but by 4ish local time I was up and the girls followed shortly after. DH crashed for a few hours and then got up to join us for dinner. We decided on a place called La Perla, which is just a short walk from our hotel. Unfortunately it had started raining, so we opted to drive the car (which is a Renault, by the way) since we didn’t know exactly where to go.

We found La Perla fairly easily, but parking was another story. After a few orbits around the block we got a spot two blocks up from the ristorante. By then the rain had let up somewhat, so it wasn’t too bad to walk the short distance. We were met by a very nice girl who seemed quite sympathetic to our pathetic Italian and gave us a table with two menus: one in Italian, and one in English. The waiter was also very patient and helped us read and choose our meals. The girls wanted pizza, of course; they each got a Margherita (cheese, red sauce and basil- “easy”, as our waiter said.) I wasn’t quite ready to order but hastily chose a pizza as well: funghi with ham. DH wanted steak, and ended up with Filetto al pepe verde. Everything came quickly and was just perfect for a first meal – homey, comfortable, good.

Pizza funghi at la perla




After pizza, the kids were ready for a sweet. S8 bravely told the waiter, Vorai gelato con fragole! (I would like gelato with strawberries!) He laughed and said, no, we don’t have that today- but come with me, I will show you our desserts! So she and O6 followed him up to the front counter and he showed them all the gelati and other sweets (an impressive number, for a little pizzeria!)


They picked vanilla gelato, which came shortly after in a lovely dessert cup which disappeared almost as soon as it arrived. S8 got hers with macedonia, fresh fruit salad.


I got espresso, which was my fault for asking DH to order me “a coffee with milk”. It’s OK, I didn’t need the caffeine this late at night anyway.


When dinner was over and everyone was full and happy, we retrieved our car and took a quick drive around town. We found DH’s old flat from when he lived here in ’99. We also found the train station, which the kids and I plan to visit tomorrow. Hopefully we can figure out how to get tickets and get into and out of Milano.

So we’re back at Hotel Cyrano, all washed up and teeth brushed and pajama-ed, and ready for bed. The kids wrote in their travel journals a bit before climbing into bed.

2012-09-05 12.15.30

And that’s where I’m headed, too. While it’s only 5pm at home, it’s 11pm here. We’re meeting for breakfast at 7AM. Buona sera!