We have done Kumon math, which emphasizes repetition of basic skills for the early grades, as well as eclectic activities such as word problems, math games, and skill drills, for math the past two years.  We have also incorporated math organically into other subject areas, such as measuring, charting and graphing, using percents and fractions, etc.  This coming year, we are switching to Saxon for math and beginning a more structured math curriculum.  As such, I had S8 take their online placement exam to determine her level.  She missed only one problem in the K-3 placement, meaning she is right at grade level (3) for next year.


Writing Samples

Per a request from our evaluator, I wanted to include some samples of S8’s writing from this past year.

S8 loves to write. While she is still making some grammar and spelling mistakes, she is very articulate with the pen. She regularly writes spontaneously in her journal and makes notes to friends and family all the time.

Here is a little “report” she did earlier in the school year. We were reading an encyclopedia of mammals and she wanted to write about her favorite – the Seals.


Here is another “doodle” writing she did one afternoon while practicing her penmanship:


I love that she hyphenated her last name to wrap to the next line.

Here is a [very short] story that Sam wrote and illustrated.


See? It even says “written & ILLUSTRATED”, just so you don’t forget. 😉  She likes ampersands and uses them as often as possible.

Finally, here’s a little summary of our trip to Seattle last year. “Uncle Business Silly” is what the girls call my brother. They didn’t really get to know him until recently because he lives so far away. But I have a picture of him at a wedding, in which he is wearing a suit. Sam exclaimed that “he looks like a business!” when she saw the photo at age four. It has since evolved to “Uncle Business Silly” over the years. This piece will probably make a lot more sense now.