Solar System

S8 had a space-themed birthday party (inspired by our trip to the Kennedy Space Center), and one of her gifts was a little model of the solar system.  Today, she decided to put it together.

She already knew the order of the planets in our solar system, so it was pretty easy for her to do this herself.  I only helped with some of the smaller pieces that were difficult to snap together.

The kit contained an arm for each planet, a base, models of each planet, plus the Sun and Earth’s moon. (None of the other moons were included, which S8 noted.)

The Planets

The planets

Each planet had a little hole, into which a plastic arm is inserted. The arms are of different lengths, corresponding to each planet’s position relative to the Sun.

Sun is already out

The arms

S8 read the directions herself, and labeled each arm. Then she snapped the planets on to the corresponding arms and placed them, in furthest-to-nearest order from the Sun, on the center post. She figured the whole thing out. I just helped her with the Earth’s moon.

Putting the labels on the arms

A pretty important one

Putting it together

Attaching the planets

The outer planets:

Outer planets

Adding Mars

She finished it in no time.

Finished model

The solar system

The final touch: the Sun.

Putting on the sun

Earth and moon

This coincided perfectly with the transit of Venus, which happened on June 5.  She showed me exactly what that meant.  Awesome.

2012-06-30 18.49.36



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