Faith Ringgold Fabric Painting- Class 5 of 4

The title is not a misprint; Mrs. G, our art teacher, scheduled an extra class for the kids to finish up their fabric squares. Most were already done and just needed to do some gluing. We had a little more to do since we missed last week for the Carnegie Science Center class.

The girls finished painting their fabric squares and Mrs. G helped them arrange four in a panel, like a quilt square. They then glued batiked fabric strips around the edges to frame it.

Here is S8 with her finished panel:

2012-05-17 13.23.05

Each square was supposed to be something that the kids liked doing, or a place they liked going. S8’s are, clockwise from top left, going to Kalahari in our van; kicking a goal in soccer; jumping because she is having a good day; and the Kennedy Space Center (which we visited in February).

O6 took a little longer to glue her strips on. She wanted to make them just right.

2012-05-17 13.23.47

2012-05-17 13.23.53

2012-05-17 13.23.40

O6’s finished panel:

2012-05-17 13.30.55

Hers are, clockwise from top left: herself, in ballet class; herself with our cat, Jack; herself taking a nap on a sunny day; and herself, going on a picnic.

In addition to the four panels the kids did for themselves, they also made a fifth square which went into a larger group project. The center panels were done by older students, and the small squares around the perimiter were done by younger kids. Ours are on the right edge.

2012-05-17 13.32.56



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