Violin Small Group

Last night the girls attended a small group violin practice at their teacher’s house. They played with friend N6, whose grandmother lives up the street and rents us our instruments; and another student, G8 (9?). The girls did a “play in” where they started with the most difficult song anyone knew (G8’s “Gavotte”) and worked their way down to the easiest song, Twinkle, which all of them played together. It was a good experience for all of them. This time, my girls were among the least experienced, so they got a chance to defer to the older students. Usually when another student sits in on our class it is someone younger. I like the balance of them being motivated by older kids/ getting confidence boosts from younger kids. We also stayed to watch N6 take her lesson. She is working on the very last song in Book 1, which is quite difficult.


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