Brainy Builders

Today we attended a homeschool workshop at the Carnegie Science Center.  This one was called ‘Brainy Builders’ and it focused on ways to make bridges and buildings stronger, longer and taller.

The girls were in different groups this time, since S8 is now 8.  She really liked being in her “own” class.  I sat in on the first part of O6’s class, at her request.  Then she made friends with another girl, Sophia, and told me it was fine for me to go.  😉

In the beginning of O6’s class, the kids got to try to build a tower, as a team, out of Dixie cups.  O6’s team won, with a pyramid that was 36 1/2 ” tall.  The other team started off with a pyramid, but got frustrated when it kept falling over.  They ended up nesting the cups, the way they come in the bag, and stacking as many as they could.  Their tower was 36″.  I think the instructor was a little annoyed that they used a completely unorthodox “building technique” and came so close to the other tower’s height.

After that, the kids got to see a blueprint, then they made a blueprint of their bedrooms.  At this point I had to take a phone call, so I missed the rest of the class.  I know it involved building 3D shapes (cube, pyramid) with toothpicks and gumdrops.

S8 reported that they had discussed famous architecture in their class: tower of Pisa, Sears tower, Great Pyramids, etc.  They also worked as a team to build a bridge out of drinking straws and masking tape.  They learned about efficiency, too.



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