Violin and Swimming 4-16-2012

Today was our usual Monday schedule of morning violin lesson and afternoon swimming lesson. Since it was such a beautiful day, we also packed our lunches so we could stop at the park in between.

At violin, both girls learned a little bit of “fiddle” music. Miss Tina has found that letting the kids play around with familiar melodies helps them learn techniques they might not otherwise be so eager to try. O6 also practiced sightreading. She played a fiddle variation of Mary Had A Little Lamb. It has the cute little tag ending that she learned in her Federation piece. She really likes playing that so it made today much more fun. She also worked on her solo piece for Suzuki camp this summer.

S7 also did some sightreading, and worked on Perpetual Motion. She needs to be more consistent with her rhythm/tempo, but is doing well.

Lunch was at the park and it was perfect, if not a little windy. I think the temperature was near 80 degrees, which is really warm for this time of year. We soaked it up for a whole hour at Greasel Park.

At swimming, both girls are working on breast stroke and are starting to get the hang of the rhythm of it with arms and legs working together. They still have to really focus to do it but it’s starting to become much more natural. They are so comfortable in the water now that we’re well past “learning to swim”. S7 even went out into the deep end with me to hook the pool rope and was fine with being in 10′ of water.



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