Violin and Swimming 3-26-12

This morning we were back to our regular violin lessons. It’s kind of nice to have the Federation festival behind us and to enjoy a more leisurely pace for the remainder of the year. We told Miss Tina that we had registered for the summer Suzuki camp down in central Ohio, and she picked out a piece for each girl to work on as their “recital” piece during the camp.

O6 went first today and worked on the next piece in Book 1, “Lightly Row”. That’s what she is going to use as her recital piece. After hearing her sister play it a million times, she picked it up after just one try.

S7 is going to play “Allegro”. She went through it with Miss Tina once today, then did some sightreading out of a book she had never seen before. She understands musical notation well and is already able to recognize which note to play, though she doesn’t necessarily know the name (i.e. “C sharp”). Truthfully, it’s not that important, other than for theory, to know the names of the notes if she can recognize what to play on her instrument.

After lunch, we headed over for our afternoon swim lesson. The girls are both doing super in swimming. Today, Julie suggested that they consider looking into a swim team for the summer. S7 is working on breast stroke and has the arm movements down pretty well. O6 is working on backstroke and has a very nice, smooth arm movement. They are no longer in the “learning to swim” stage- they are now in the “learning to swim well” stage. I’m very pleased with how confident (and safe) they are in the water.


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