Discover Native American Art: Week 3 of 4

We missed last week’s art class to attend a homeschool program at the Carnegie Science Center, but the girls were able to catch up today. They read about crest hats and made their own versions out of foam.



2012-03-22 13.29.24

In this version, each ring on top of the crest represented one year of life. So S7 had 7 rings, and O6 had 6.

2012-03-22 13.29.41

S7 made hers a jaguar.

2012-03-22 13.29.48

2012-03-22 13.29.55

O6 made a bird.

2012-03-22 13.30.02

We also got to take home the jewelry pieces they made the first week.

2012-03-22 13.32.20

2012-03-22 13.32.41



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