Spirit of Uganda

Today we went to see the Spirit of Uganda dance troupe perform at the Byham Theatre in Pittsburgh.

2012-03-18 18.23.28

The girls already knew where Uganda was because one of our friends was born there.

I was a little concerned about the content of this production because of the current political climate Uganda is currently experiencing. The stories about the rebels and violence – especially violence towards children – is disturbing and I didn’t know how it would be discussed, if at all. It turned out that the program is very positive, focusing on the achievements (both in dance and in education) the student-performers were making. Of course, the show itself was simply amazing.

After the show, we got to meet some of the dancers in the lobby. We spoke with one, one of the youngest in the troupe, and told her how much we had enjoyed her dancing. The girls really liked the drums and the fast pace of the dancing. They were very impressed by how young the dancers were. This girl was less than two years older than S7.




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