More Than Meets The Eye

Today we went to the Carnegie Science Center for a homeschool science class. The title was “More Than Meets The Eye”, and it was about using lenses to make small things easier to see.

We started out with a magnifying glass. The instructor pretended that someone had stolen his plate of cookies, and he was going to use the fingerprints that the perpetrator left behind to figure out who did it.

The kids put their fingerprints onto actual fingerprint cards and learned about some of the common “shapes” of fingerprints- whorls and arches. They examined their own fingerprints and compared them with other prints. Of course, it turned out that the instructor had eaten his own cookies!

Next, we went down into the museum for a quick field trip to see how making small things visible helps doctors in medicine. We saw exhibits of cells, veins and scopes.

Back in the classroom, we used a microscope to compare “evidence” to solve a fictitious crime. The kids compared samples of hairs to cards and determined what kind of fiber they were looking at. They also looked at fabric samples, and pollen samples, to solve the “crime”.

Finally, we checked out some live specimens. We got to look at brine shrimp- both babies and adults – and rotovers under the microscopes.

Here we are after class, taking a quick walk around the brain maze outside the science center.

2012-03-15 16.10.37

2012-03-15 16.10.43



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