Math Games

S7 received a math game called Sunya as a gift from her aunt and uncle last Christmas. We finally opened it up last night and tried it out.

Sunya has several variations which allow you to customize it to the level of the players. S7 and O6 were both able to play the basic version with no difficulty. We chose the addition game, in which players get four cards. There is a “+” and an “=” card, which you set out on the table. Each player has to make a true number sentence (e.g. “4 + 1 = 5”). You can use three cards from your hand, or – once a hand has been played – play off the existing cards on the table. The only trick is you can’t move a card that’s already been played, and you can’t duplicate a number sentence that is already showing. We really enjoyed doing this and it was a nice reinforcement of basic addition skills. I am looking forward to doing the subraction version because the kids aren’t quite as strong with subtraction as they are with addition.

We have also been playing with a set of Fraction Tiles that I picked up from Amazon. These are made by Learning Resources and are a great manipulative. The kids pull them out all the time and play with them. I like that you can instantly see the components of common fractions. DH and I sure wish they had been around when we were learning these concepts.

2012-02-27 19.13.13

2012-02-27 19.13.26

2012-02-27 19.13.07



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