Peculiar Paleontology: Week III

This was the third in our series of Paleontology classes at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History.

2012-02-28 14.20.04

We did not get a newsletter this week, so I’m guessing what was covered based on the items the girls brought home. They put together a “puzzle”, which was a paper t-rex skeleton that had been cut into pieces. They had to put them together and glue the skeleton onto a piece of construction paper.

2012-02-28 18.07.58

2012-02-28 18.08.22

They also put together other paper skeletons, some by gluing pieces onto paper and some by gluing parts together with straws as “connectors”.

2012-02-28 18.08.09

2012-02-28 18.07.08

2012-02-28 18.06.51

They made a mask for a craft, and also took a quick trip into the museum.

2012-02-28 18.07.37

2012-02-28 18.07.47

The final activity was putting together a skeleton with a teammate. I think it was sort of a race, because S7 made a big deal out of the fact that she and her partner finished first!

ETA: The newsletter for this week was available the next time we went for class.




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