Violin and Swimming 2-27-2012

Today we were back to our regular schedule with violin in the morning and swimming in the afternoon.

Our violin lesson was slightly longer this week in order to catch up and also get ready for Federation. Federation is just a few weeks away. The girls ran through their individual pieces again, both solo and with Miss Tina accompanying, and then had a brief group lesson at the very end.

2012-02-27 11.33.27

2012-02-27 11.48.16

2012-02-27 12.11.28

2012-02-27 12.12.43

After that, it was on to swimming. I joined them in the pool this week, so no photos (didn’t have the waterproof camera!) Needless to say, they are both really comfortable in the water now. It was very evident at the pool down in Florida. I am so relieved that they are comfortable in the water and know how to be safe in a pool. Now we are continuing the swim lessons both for phys ed and also for them to improve those skills in case they choose to do something further with it.



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