Violin 2-13-2012

We are practicing in earnest now for Violin Federation, coming up on March 17. Today at lessons, Miss Tina had her keyboard set up in the studio so the girls could practice their pieces with accompaniment. They did really well. The first run-through was a bit uncertain for each of them, but once she pointed out how her part was to mesh with theirs, each one picked it up fairly quickly. O6 ran through her two pieces first. She was really excited about playing with Miss Tina. They worked on smoothing out her “theme” piece and how the introductions to each piece would go. Then S7 got to play. Her songs weren’t quite a smooth, but her pieces are also longer and a bit more technically difficult. Tina spent a little longer with her.

S7 also learned to play the A scale using a different rhythm, and how to play scales in different keys using “low 2” fingerings (basically a sharp or flat, played by fingering between the tape marks rather than right on them). She also started Etude, the next song in their Suzuki book.

Swimming, unfortunately, was cancelled for today as Miss Julie was ill. We are on hiatus next week during our Florida trip, so we will resume again on the 27th.



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