Violin and Swimming: 2/6/2012

This morning we had our weekly violin lesson. O6 went through her pieces for Federation, which is a judged performance coming up in March. She is doing very well. Her two pieces are “Twinkle” (with two variations) and “Bile Them Cabbage Down”, which we simply refer to as the Cabbage Song. She has each one memorized and can play through them both completely without much hesitation. Tina is now working with her on some fine tuning, so to speak. She is teaching O6 how to add dynamics and to make certain notes with emphasis. I think she will do very well.

2012-02-06 11.43.53

S7 is playing “Lightly Row” and “Song of the Wind” for her performance pieces. She, too, is working on some of of the more subtle nuances of musicianship. Today she also went back and reviewed song #5 from her Suzuki book, “O Come Little Children”. We would like to get her through Book 1 before Suzuki camp in June so she can enjoy all of the Book 1 activities there.

After a quick lunch at Wendy’s, we went to swim lessons. The girls are making lots of progress. O6 was thrilled to wear her new swimsuit today and was very eager to get in the water. She started doing freestyle for the first time today. Her confidence grows measurably with each lesson.

Last week, S7 had a little (okay, a lot) of hesitation about going in the deep end, to the point where she said she was sick and didn’t want to take her lesson. After a little discussion we figured out she was just nervous about the deep. This really came out of the blue because S7 has been swimming the length of the pool quite proficiently on both her front and back for some time now. Julie was really patient with her and worked with her on some things in the center of the pool widthwise, rather than having her swim the length as she had been the last few times. Today she was much better and divulged that it wasn’t the deep water but freestyle itself that bothered her, and not even the being on her belly part but the breathing technique. We figure she just may have been pushing too much and getting tired. Today she did several widths of the pool and Julie had her use some training fins. The fins give you speed but they also make your legs work harder, and when you take them off your legs feel very light (like “feathers”, according to S7). That seemed to help quite a bit.


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