Library Day

In spite of some strangely warm days recently, we have all been suffering from a touch of cabin fever. So, we decided to head out to gymnastics early and have lunch at the library.

2012-01-19 14.09.02

The deli had chicken soup and grilled cheese sandwiches- just the thing to stave off winter doldrums.

2012-01-19 14.09.12

2012-01-19 14.09.17

After lunch, we returned a few things to the library and hung out in the children’s books for a little while. The girls read a few things and I worked on some knitting. When it was time to head out to gym class, we checked out a few books to take home. I also had a reserve ready: a video on raptors. When we go to Orlando next month we hope to take in the Audubon Center for Birds of Prey, so this will give us a little background info before we go.

From the library we headed over to gymnastics. The girls are taking a tumbling class. Tonight was the second class and they both just love it. O6 is the star of the class, though. She can already do a competent cartwheel and picks up the other activities easily. It’s so good for her to find something she naturally excels at. She is incredibly bright and capable, but her older sister’s star shines so brightly that it sometimes makes hers seem a bit dim – especially in her own mind.



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