Young Scientist Series: Weather Station

S7 got this “Young Scientist Series” kit as a gift, and we finally broke into it and worked on the weather station.

The weather station kit is pretty good, although I was very disappointed in the thermometer they provided. It showed the temperature as approximately 40F on a day when it was barely 20 degrees F. We even left it outside overnight, thinking maybe it needed a longer time to register a reading, but it was still more than 15 degrees off.

The weather station had several activities, including a weather vane for measuring wind direction (which actually worked quite well!), a thermometer made with a plastic bottle and a straw (good for showing how thermometers work, but not so much for actually measuring anything), and a pressure gauge.

Here is the weather vane. S7 is standing outside in the background with the lame thermometer.

2012-01-18 14.51.45

She was pretty disappointed that it didn’t work, but I had a bigger one and she was fine with the substitution.

2012-01-18 14.51.56

We made a thermometer by putting some cold water in a small drink bottle, suspending a straw in the liquid with one end sticking out (using clay), and then putting the bottle in a pan of hot water. It was cool to watch the level in the bottle increase. We had marked the level on the straw itself with a sharpie so it was pretty obvious.



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