Clay Forest Dwellings, Part I

Our current art class at the Butler is called “Clay Forest Dwellings”. The kids are supposed to come up with a “home” for a forest animal and then sculpt it out of clay.

O6 decided to make a ladybug tower. Here is her sketch:

O6's Ladybug house sketch

and here is what she came up with today:

O6's ladybug house

O6's ladybug house model

S7’s sketch is slightly more elaborate. She is making a home for a squirrel out of a hollow fallen log.

S7's Squirrel House sketch

I love the little acorn at the bottom right. Anyway, here is her project:

S7's squirrel house

It is totally hollow, but there’s a paper towel shoved inside to help it keep shape until the clay dries.

Interior of squirrel house


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