Violin Concert

We did not know until just two weeks before that the kids were going to be able to participate in their violin teacher’s Christmas concert. Fortunately, we had been practicing the music as a matter of course, so the girls were able to jump right in with the rest of the young musicians and play several of the pieces. My husband ended up taking them to the concert since I had another obligation that day.

The day before the concert, we had a group rehearsal with all the kids who were going to play.

2011-12-10 11.52.50

Some of these kids are in high school and are quite talented. What an opportunity for us, to play with more experienced musicians.

2011-12-10 11.51.58

Here they are on the day of the concert, lining up to begin:

2011-12-11 15.48.54

2011-12-11 16.09.251

The little girl on the right is Natalie, and she’s actually the reason we play violin. Her grandmother is my neighbor and loaned us violins a few years ago. They used to take lessons together when everyone was just getting started.

2011-12-11 15.57.55

I saw some video of the concert and it seemed to go very well. While the girls are not thrilled at playing in public, I still think it is a good experience and it is one of the few things I “make” them do. Afterwards, though, they said they had a good time. I think they secretly liked the audience’s appreciation and it was fun for them to play with other kids in the big group, which we haven’t done too much of yet.



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