Pine Tree Station Study

Our local homeschool group organized a “Pine Tree Station Study” for December. The idea behind the station studies is that a topic is given, and each family puts together a “station” that relates to it in some fashion. The event starts off with a chance for the kids to present their station, and then we go around the room and visit each station and work the activities that are set up there.

For this study, our family talked about products that are made from pines. We brought in some turpentine, pine nuts, and a piece of pine baseboard to pass around. First, S7 read a little report she did on pine trees and how they grow.

S7 reading her report

I am so proud of her for just getting up there and speaking! I would never have done that at her age. Or my age, for that matter.

Public speaking!

O5 was very nervous and wanted me to go up with her for the other part of our presentation. I helped them show and tell about the products we brought in.

Show and tell

Then we went around to the different stations. First off, O5 did a tree ring activity.

Tree ring activity

Gluing on tree rings

Finished product

There were a few other crafty stations, including one with coloring sheets. THat was a popular one.

Tree cutouts

Coloring pine pictures

One station had a bunch of Lincoln Logs to build with. Apparently, Lincoln Logs were originally made out of pine.

Lincoln logs were originally made out of pine!

I did not get to photograph all of the other stations, but there were many, and they were all very clever. There was one where the kids made a glittery pine cone. Another had them make a pine cone bird feeder. Another was a recipe for pancakes, which wasn’t exactly accurate but it was supposed to represent an old recipe for ground pine bark that was cooked into small cakes. There was a kirigami (cut and fold) card activity, and a bird identification activity. Great stuff. Lots of very creative people and a lot of hard work by each family made for a really informative morning.



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