Thanksgiving Redux

We celebrated Thanksgiving twice this year. Earlier in November, my mom came into town for her birthday, and we flew my brother in from Seattle so he could celebrate with us. It just seemed obvious that we should have a Thanksgiving then. And of course, we had to celebrate it all over again on the regular holiday. We are so lucky, we have to give thanks twice!

The kids helped me a lot in the kitchen this year. They are learning to be very good little cooks. I joke that they are my sous-chefs. For our first Thanksgiving, they helped make apple pies.

2011-11-13 12.14.43

2011-11-13 12.04.01

Since we also celebrated my mom’s birthday then, they helped make birthday cakes, too.


Really, they helped more than just licking the bowl afterwards!

2011-11-13 10.48.33

2011-11-13 10.48.04

2011-11-13 10.48.20

2011-11-13 10.50.21

2011-11-13 10.50.39

Here is O5 with a tray of dinner rolls. They helped mix up the dough, then they shaped almost all of the rolls themselves. I maybe did one or two, just to show them my method.

2011-11-24 14.15.16

2011-11-24 14.15.36

S7 is still a little nervous about putting things into the oven, but that’s not necessarily bad. A little caution in the kitchen goes a long way.

She is good at setting the timer, though!

2011-11-24 14.15.59

We LOVE Thanksgiving!!




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