Violin 11-17-11

The girls are doing very well with this round of violin lessons. The first time we started, S7 was just five and O5 was 3 1/2. They are a lot more focused after a little hiatus (and some maturity). I am very pleased with their progress.

Both girls are working on “Jingle Bells”, although we just found out that they will not be able to attend the holiday recital due to a prior commitment. In any event, we are still practicing and learning it for fun. I hope they will muster up some courage and play it for the family. They are very reticent about playing in front of others and I’m not sure whether to push them a little bit or just let them go.

2011-11-17 11.39.41

S7 just started sight reading this week. She understands the concept of notation – that as the notes get closer to the top of the scale on the page, they get higher in pitch; and she is able to translate that to the appropriate fingerings on the strings. O5 has finally got “Twinkle” down with three different rhythmic variations, and this week started learning the next piece in her little book.



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