Two Tours Today

Today we got to do two different tours. The first was arranged by someone in our homeschooling group. Her oldest daughter takes riding lessons at a local stable, and we were able to visit during her lesson and learn about horses and see a stable firsthand.


We met some of the horses who are boarded here. I think this one was a little annoyed with all the ruckus.


The kids got to see a few riders practicing jumps in the indoor arena.


Then we spent some time with Jazz.



Elizabeth showed us some basic grooming:




then we talked about some of the basic parts of a horse. The kids learned a few new words, including “withers” and “fetlock”. Then Elizabeth brought out the saddle and we learned how it goes on a horse and what the different saddle pieces are for.



The stable owner also talked with us about horse care and learning to ride. It was a really interesting tour.


From the stable we headed right over to a small post office in a nearby town. Our Camp Fire club met there for part of our Trail to the Community project. We saw how mail is sorted for each route, what happens to letters when you drop them in the mailbox, and met a few very nice ladies who worked in the office. The kids got to see several kinds of stamps and asked many questions. We did not take pictures inside the post office, but I did get a shot of our group out front afterwards.

2011-10-28 14.48.46

2011-10-28 14.50.53



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