Fire Station Tour

Every year we try to hit the fire station tours, especially the one at the Liberty station. Unlike our local station, which is all volunteer, the Liberty station has full-time firefighters on staff and they live at the station in shifts. The tour is organized by the library in conjunction with their storytime. In addition to seeing the full-time firefighters, the kids also get a safety talk and some good materials that cover fire safety, including fire prevention. It’s great to know how to call 9-1-1, but it’s even better to know how to prevent a fire from happening in the first place.

We started off inside the station, in the “living room”. This is where the fire fighters can hang out between calls.


Here the kids found out what the firefighters do at the station, and learned about fire safety.

We even met the fire dog.


The station has an office, dispatch room, the living room, a bedroom, kitchen, and shower/bath area. Then there is the garage, where the truck and ambulance are kept.


We got to see some of the equipment that is carried on the truck. Of course, there are hoses. The truck itself carries a little bit of water and a smaller hose, and then there is a larger hose that can hook up to a fire hydrant.


The firefighters wear a lot of equipment to protect themselves from heat, smoke and fire. Here is S7 trying on the helmet.


Some of the other equipment the firefighters wear, which can be as much as 100 pounds of gear, includes an air tank.


The trucks also carry a lot of other equipment for non-fire emergencies, like car accidents. The most surprising piece of equipment was a tub of cat litter, for blotting spills.


This truck also has the “Jaws of Life” for extracting people from mangled cars.


In addition to the fire truck, there is also an ambulance.




At the end, the kids had a chance to hold one of the hoses and pretend they were fighting a fire.



Finally, the truck came out of the garage so we could see the whole thing. It’s a really big truck


We learned a lot and are looking forward to visiting again!




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