Soccer and Enchanted Forest

As miserable as we were at soccer last week, this past Saturday’s game couldn’t have been nicer — at least in terms of weather. The kids were almost hot from the full sun. Both teams lost, but they played hard. I’m proud of both of them.

2011-10-08 12.15.32

Later in the evening, DH and I took them to the Wilderness Center in Wilmot, OH for the annual Enchanted Forest event.

2011-10-08 20.36.42

Inside the educational center, there was lots of info about local Ohio wildlife. There were several hands-on activities, including a larvae and adult matching memory game. O5 liked that one a lot.

2011-10-08 19.15.42

S7 was interested in the “Fact or Fiction” board. She likes trivia games, so this was right up her alley.

2011-10-08 19.15.51

A short time later, we headed out to the woods for the Enchanted Forest walk. We were not allowed to take photographs on the trail, but we spotted several talking creatures in the forest, including Dirt, a Slug, a Raccoon, a Spider, Luna Moth, and a Skunk. Each one told the kids about what it liked to do in the forest, what sorts of things it ate, where it slept, etc. I was particularly proud of O5, who knew that the carcasses of insects that the spiders ate fell to the ground and became soil.  When I asked her how she knew that, she gave me an indulgent sigh.  “We just learned it at [Science of Agriculture] last week, Mom.  Don’t you remember?!”




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