Violin 10-6-2011

Today we had another violin lesson, and this time we started with “group”. Our two girls joined a young boy, A4, who has just started learning to play. This was really good for all of them, especially O5. The boy was very interested to see other kids playing, and O5 got a HUGE shot of confidence because, suddenly, she was no longer the littlest kid. She was very proud to show off her bow hold and her good posture. And S7 got to “lead” the little group in playing Twinkle. Triple win.

2011-10-06 11.28.14

During their individual lessons, O5 went first and learned a little bit of Jingle Bells and part of Twinkle. She is getting better at fingering and has a very nice tone with her little violin. S7 learned part of Jingle Bells and also learned a new rhythm for Twinkle. In addition to Mississippi Hot Dog and Run Pony, Run Pony, she can now play a jazzy “1, 2. (rest) And 1, 2.” It was surprisingly hard to master because the note changes part way through the rhythm, rather than after a complete repeat of it. She practiced it ten times with Tina, who encouraged her to keep going. By the ninth repeat, she was doing it. We will have to work on this one more during the week, however.



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