Swimming Week 1

Today was our first indoor swim lesson of the new year. The girls’ teachers- mother and daughter- hold classes at a local convent, where there is a very nice pool. They teach there during the traditional school year, and have outdoor lessons at the mom’s house during the summer.

We started taking swim lessons last April, the tail end of last year’s indoor season, and then went through the summer at Barb’s outdoor pool. The kids have made amazing progress over the past 6 months. When we began, neither one was fond of getting splashed, let alone putting her face in the water. Now, they are holding their breath for quite a bit of time, jumping into water over their heads, and putting their faces in and swimming.

S7 has gone past the “survival swimming” stage, where the kids are comfortable enough in the water to get to a safe spot. She’s now learning some actual strokes and techniques. Today she reviewed some of the summer’s work, since we’ve been off swimming for about 4 weeks. Julie worked with her on “bubbles and breaths”, the breathing technique for front crawl stroke. She also swam the length of the pool and back using a basic backstroke. Julie is going to start teaching her the whip-kick and the full backstroke in the coming weeks.

2011-10-03 15.04.55

O5 also did well, but she is still getting comfortable in the water. She sometimes lacks confidence when she has to follow big sister. I think she forgets she is almost two years younger and that it’s normal for her to be at a different spot on the learning curve. She gets frustrated when she can’t do what S7 can, or if she can’t do it as easily. Today she balked at jumping into a deeper part of the pool. Finally she agreed to do it, though, and then we couldn’t keep her from jumping in over and over again!

Jumping in

Liv front crawl


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