Soccer Saturday

The kids were scheduled to play soccer games last Saturday.  Somehow, Mother Nature didn’t get the memo.  It rained, a steady, cold miserable rain that soaked us all to our bones and left us chilly and sniffling.  O5’s game actually got cancelled at the last minute, as there weren’t enough players on the opposing team. 

S7 was not keen on taking off her raincoat and putting down her umbrella, but in the end she sloshed onto the field with the rest of her team.  Once she got moving around it was a lot better (read: warmer!).  She played goalie for a bit and also ran offense.  Her playing is improving, but she is still very defensive rather than taking charge of the ball.  I think it will come with time, though.

2011-10-01 11.08.35

O5 was glad I made her put on a raincoat. She cheered for her sister, even though she really did NOT want to be standing out in the weather.


S7 was happy for the treat afterwards. She earned it, having played all but a few minutes of the game.

End of game



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