Cubism Class 2

Today we went to the second of three Cubism classes at the Butler Art museum.  Last week, the kids made forms out of Styrofoam shapes held together by toothpicks.  This week, they covered their forms with Sculptamold, which is sort of like papier mache but less glue-y. Here is S7 starting to cover her second sculpture.

2011-09-30 14.25.30

Her first sculpture was a bit top-heavy with the wet Sculptamold, so we laid it on the table until it could dry. This woman has a ball and a hat on top of her hair. The white cylinder shapes are her eyes. I believe the blue is her nose/mouth.

Sam's sculpture

O5, on the other hand, did NOT want to get her hands icky in the plaster. I helped her cover her form. She did help, but only while using a popsicle stick to spread the plaster medium.

2011-09-30 14.21.53

Next week we will paint them and add any finishing touches.



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