Violin 9/29/11

At this week’s violin lesson, the kids worked on using a different bowing rhythm.

The first bowing rhythm that Suzuki students learn is “Mis-sis-sip-pi Hot-dog”.  They play that rhythm on each note to learn bowing technique.  So when they play a scale, they play “Mis-sis-sip-pi Hot-dog” (6 beats) on A, then again on B, then C, etc,.  They also use that rhythm for each note of Twinkle.  This week we practiced “Run, Po-ny, Run, Po-ny”.  They are supposed to practice that rhythm for their scales and for Twinkle.

Here is O5 showing her teacher the pizzicato, or plucking, technique.  She is also working on keeping her left arm up and away from her body.

Liv lesson

S7 is showing off her “perfect position”, with left hand up and away from her body and excellent bow hold on the right.

Sam lesson



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