Multiplication and Word Problems

S7 is working through her beginning Multiplication Kumon book. She sometimes rolls her eyes when I say it’s time to do some math work, but she flies through it with no trouble. Most of her errors- which are few- are careless mistakes rather than a lack of comprehension. We are doing multiples of 2 through 5, or 2×2 – 2×5.

O5 is working on a first grade math workbook. I think it’s really more K, as there are a lot of set counting activities and things with shapes, etc. She likes having her own book.

Both girls work ahead and since they are doing 3-5 pages at a time, I’ve been having them work every other day on math rather than daily.

We also have a beginning book of word problems, and they both enjoy that- it’s like math games to them. We’re about halfway through it already and I just pulled it out a week ago.



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