Cubism Class I

This session’s homeschool art class at the Butler is on Cubism.  The kids are doing sculptures with chunks of Styrofoam, which they assembled today.  Next week they are going to cover the sculptures with a type of paper pulp / glue medium.  The third and final class will be painting their creations.

O5 made a girl, whose hair was in the process of being trimmed when I snapped the picture (so it’s not visible, unfortunately).

2011-09-23 14.45.02

The pieces are secured with pipecleaners and toothpicks.

S7 made two sculptures. She told me this one was a traditional Chinese woman.

2011-09-23 14.44.55

I’m not sure what the other one is but I’m certain that will become more apparent as the project progresses.

2011-09-23 14.44.48



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