Math Summary

Looking back at the work we did this school year, I realized there are absolutely NO posts about math.  And I feel bad about this, because not only do we do math all the time, but it’s actually fun and interesting for us.  It’s just not very inspirational for a blog post, apparently!

In our Math folder we have lots of worksheets.  I kept some from different points throughout the year to show our progress.   S7 did about 3-5 a week (sometimes more), and periodically she did timed “drills” where she had a sheet of 50 problems and tried to do as many as she could in five minutes.   She thought this was great fun and is currently doing about 30 problems accurately.  We used a combination of Kumon workbooks, printed worksheets, and oral drills.

Most of our practice was with addition and subtraction facts.  I really felt it was important to get those basic math skills down and embedded before moving on to more complex concepts.   We also did some basic geometry (recognizing that a square has four sides and four angles, for example), measurement to the half-inch, volumes of liquids, money, telling time, and began some multiplication.  The fascinating thing is that, after months of basic math drills, S7 started to figure out patterns all by herself.  She excitedly told me about what happens when you add ten to a single digit, and later began counting by fives and twos- and then, naturally, started multiplying.  I was able to reinforce these concepts with more complicated worksheets as she progressed.  We also did some word problems and I had her figure things out in context (i.e. if we double this cookie recipe, how much flour will we need to use?  how many eggs?  etc).  We play a lot of card and board games in our spare time that involve addition & subtraction, too.

I found The Math Worksheet Site to be very helpful in supplementing our Kumon book and giving us extra activities when needed.

We also had fun playing with our abacus. S7 likes to check her work with it sometimes.

2010-09-16 12.55.55




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