Portland, OR

We took the Amtrak Coast Starlight train from Seattle down to Portland, Oregon.  This train offers an observation car, and they also had a National Park ranger on board, narrating the trip.  He told us about a lot of the history and geography as we passed through the area.  The girls also got their National Park passports stamped.


We had great views of Mount Rainier,


Mount St. Helens,


and Mount Hood along the way.


Notice how Hood is pointy, and St. Helens is practically flat on top? We learned a little bit about the eruption of St. Helens in 1980 and saw photos of it erupting, thanks to the park ranger.

2011-08-17 14.01.29

We love traveling by train.  We’ve gone to Chicago on the train once and Florida via rail twice.  Not only do you get great views, but it’s a lot more relaxed than the hustle-bustle of flying.  Next year we may take the rail excursion into the Klondike area.  The videos we watched before our Seattle trip really made us want to go there in person!



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