Today we flew from Cleveland, OH, to Seattle, WA.  We have been on a few plane trips before but it was still very exciting.  This is the first time the girls have been old enough to carry their own luggage.  They each had a suitcase and S7 brought her backpack, which is full of books.  I encouraged her to leave the hardcovers at home and just bring paperbacks.  😉

2011-08-13 14.42.29

The trip went very smoothly and in a few hours, we were in Seattle. Because we got in late, we stayed near the airport the first night. The next day we took a bus into town and checked in to a hotel near the Space Needle. The kids loved seeing the Space Needle in person after seeing it so many times in photographs.

2011-08-14 18.47.01

The first thing we did, after checking in to our hotel, was to wander around and explore the area. We found the Tesla showroom, which S7 remembered seeing on an episode of Top Gear.

2011-08-14 15.04.54

That night, we had dinner at the Needle and got to ride the monorail. We learned about the 1962 World’s Fair, which was when both of those attractions were built.



The next morning, we walked all the way down to Pioneer Square, about 15 blocks. We got good views of the city and also the waterfront along the way. Finally, we got to the National Park in Pioneer Square.


This is the Seattle unit of the Klondike Gold Rush National Park. It had a lot of information about the gold rush and Seattle’s role in it. We had a chance to see a gold panning demonstration while we were there.


The girls also completed the Junior Ranger booklets and earned their Junior Ranger badges at the Gold Rush museum.

From here, we went over to the Seattle Aquarium. We got to see many of the species that live in and around the Puget Sound area.



We also learned a lot more about the Orcas which we planned to see the next day.


On the third day, we took a ferry boat up to the San Juan islands. The boat then went into the Sound and we were able to see some whales!

2011-08-16 11.27.52

2011-08-16 11.49.40






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