Morton Arboretum

We got a chance to stop at the Morton Arboretum, outside of Chicago, on a recent trip to meet my new baby nephew.  My sister and BIL recommended this place after having visited it themselves last year.  It turned out to be the perfect way for us to spend an afternoon.

The Arboretum was bequeathed by the same man who started the Morton Salt Company.  We loved it all, but especially enjoyed visiting the children’s garden, the living maze, and the Acorn Express open-air tram.

The girls had a chance to do some nature-inspired painting in the children’s garden craft area.




This is one of the nicest children’s gardens I’ve been to. There are so many windy paths, twisty turns, secret spots and nestled nooks, but also big focal points to draw them in and keep their attention.


Here they are with Uncle E, trying to figure out which path to take in the living maze.


Here a youth docent in the children’s garden plays “guess that bug” with them in the shade.


We also squeezed in a trip to the DuPage Children’s Museum, which is equally cool (cooler, actually- it was near 100 degrees at the Arboretum!).

Here we had a chance to experiment with light,



simple machines,



and silly photo-ops.




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