Romeo, O Romeo

The kids saw a preview for the Gnomeo and Juliet movie somewhere along the way and begged to watch it.

Now, I am not a mean mom, but I do believe you ought to read the book before you see the movie.  So I told them they could see Gnomeo, but only after they had read Romeo and Juliet, otherwise they wouldn’t like it nearly as well.

My sister had given S7 a copy of Lamb’s Tales from Shakespeare for her most recent birthday, so we pulled it out and found the appropriate chapter.  S7 was very surprised to learn it was a play.  We talked a little bit about William Shakespeare, whom she had encountered before in an episode of Doctor Who.  She was very curious to read the play.  It was a little harder to get through than she imagined, even though Lamb rewrites it as a tale rather than a play, but she did it with some help.  O5 also listened but found it hard to concentrate.

After reading the play, we rented the 1968 film version with Leonard Whiting and Olivia Hussey.  They both thought Juliet was beautiful.  O5 repeatedly referred to her as “Princess Juliet.”

FINALLY, they were able to watch Gnomeo.  And they did enjoy it just like any other little kids would, with squeals and giggles at all the physical humor and sight gags.  But S7 noticed several discrepancies and was very interested in which character from the movie corresponded to those in the classic tale.   And she admitted that she was glad to have read the book first.  🙂



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