A Bug’s World 2011

We attended A Bug’s World last year and absolutely loved it.  It’s a one-day program for young scientists, held at the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center (OSU’s Ag school) in Wooster.  Not only is the material fascinating and well-presented, but the presenters are actual college professors and researchers.  It’s a great chance for the kids to learn something about insects, but also to experience learning in a college setting.  I’m very glad we were able to go again this year.

Our first class was the Bug Zoo, where we met the person who raises a variety of species of insects for the research program and saw cool things like hissing cockroaches, millipedes and beetles.  From there we attended Critters Up Close, where the kids had a chance to view different insect parts (abdomens, wings, thoraces, mouthparts, etc) under a microscope.  Then it was on to the Honeybee Lab, where we met three presenters from the local bee association and got to see a real hive with glass observation sides.  After lunch we went to Insect Friends, where we met a professor who is interested in products made from either insects themselves or their byproducts.  The Beetle Blitz class  was a chance to see beetles up close and personal, and finally the Tiny Troublemakers gave us a chance to see some of the insects that infest crops and/or are vectors for crop disease.  Afterwards, we had a chance to walk around the Secrest Arboretum with another homeschooling friend and her mother, and enjoy the early spring weather (welcome after a very long winter!)



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