Clay Story Pots

This was the last of the Clay Story Pot art classes at the Butler. The kids designed, sculpted and painted story “pots” with removable lids. The pots were supposed to have the theme of a favorite book or movie.

S6 made hers a la My Neighbor Totoro, one of our favorite Studio Ghibli films. It’s supposed to be Totoro leaning against a tree. O5’s is Rapunzel’s tower, with the princess (again with the princesses!) in the tower window.

2011-02-16 10.45.10

After class we went to the children’s gallery in the museum, and I was able to find their pieces that Mrs. George had entered in the exhibit.

S6’s mask from the Fauve class:

2011-02-09 11.55.25

O5’s cityscape:

2011-02-09 11.54.43



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