Carnegie Science Center

We like to visit the science center with my nephew Andrew every year.  He’s a couple years older than S6 but he loves to go, and they seem to be attracted to the same sorts of exhibits.  At the Carnegie, they have a cool engineering section with an aerodynamics lab, a seismic/earthquake lab, and a few other hands-on exhibits that the kids could literally hang out at for hours.

S6 really liked the aerodynamics lab. She could move the flaps on the model airplane’s wings and see how it responded to the airflow.

2011-01-03 11.13.08

Both of them liked the earthquake lab. They built several structures, each taller and more complex than the last, before turning on the earthquake plate. It was fun to see how long each structure stood during the “earthquakes”.

2011-01-03 11.32.59

They learned very quickly that bracing helped the structures stand longer, but that pretty much everything fell down after a while!



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