New Year’s Eve Eve

O5 was given two choices for her birthday this year: a small party at home with friends, or she could invite one friend and we would go to the Great Lakes Science Center for their New Year’s Eve Eve party, which happened to be on her actual birthday (December 30).  To my complete and unabashed joy, she chose the latter.  We invited friend M, whose parents agreed to go, and spent a fantastic evening enjoying the regular exhibits plus several special ones.

Our favorite was the “Hot Chocolate to Ice Cream”, where we learned the science of hot and cold and used liquid nitrogen to turn hot chocolate into ice cream (which we then got to eat!)

We also enjoyed the snowman hovercraft, which used a balloon as propulsion, and indoor snow using superabsorbant polymers.

The best, of course, was the countdown to 2011 with a huge balloon drop from five stories up.



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