Fauve Finale

Yesterday was our last of the five “Paint Like A Fauve” art classes at the Butler. S6 finished early and worked on an extra project – a painting of a flower garden. Her still life assignment came out beautifully. For this last project, they sketched a still life that the instructor had arranged on a front table. Before painting it, though, she helped the kids outline their sketches with chalk. Then they painted the piece without covering the chalk. After the paint was dry, she sponged black india ink over the entire painting. Then she put the paper on a metal tray and immediately rinsed the black ink off in the sink. Any area that was chalk absorbed the ink, leaving a sharp outline around the rest of the painting.

O4 did a painting of “Aurora”. She likes those darn princesses. I love her painting, but sure wish she would use her imagination instead of regurgitating Disney every time she’s asked to come up with something creative. She did not finish in time to do more than sketch the still life. Her landscape, though, came out great. The instructor is going to hang it in the student gallery for the winter, along with one of S6’s pieces.

Here is the landscape in progress:

Fauve landscape

We now have a break for the holiday season, then start up again in January with a clay sculpting class. Two of our homeschooling friends will also be in the class. I think the girls will really enjoy trying this new medium.


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