Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

The girls’ ballet school put on a production of Snow White and both S6 and O4 decided to participate.  They had to “audition” just like the Company dancers; each little dancer (about 40 of them) got a big sticker with a unique number on it, and they had to sign their name on an audition list and follow the dance mistress into a studio, where she taught them a simple little piece.  Then the accompanist played and they danced it ensemble for the Director, after which the Director announced the names of the dancers who were selected for the show (all of them).  The whole process was very exciting and fun, and then they spent weeks going to practices before finally spending a whole week at the big auditorium for dress rehearsals and five live performances.

S6 was selected to dance as a butterfly, while O4 was a bunny.  They were part of the group of forest animals that Snow White meets after she flees from the hunter.

Of course we had already read the classic fairy tale, but it seemed like a good idea to read it again before doing the show.

We all learned a lot during the production.  We learned, among other things:

  • It takes a lot of people to put on a show, and most of them are never seen on stage;
  • It takes a lot of practice to put on a show;
  • Lots of practice doesn’t necessarily make perfect, but it’s the only way to be the best you can be;
  • You have to pay attention and be responsible for yourself, your costume, your shoes, your tights, your hair, etc;
  • There is a lot of fun in hard work;
  • There is a lot of fun in team work;
  • The feeling you get from a big accomplishment is incredible!

S6 the butterfly


O4 the bunny




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