Some Enchanted Evening

We took a trip to the Wilderness Center in Wilmot, OH to visit the Enchanted Forest.  This is a fabulous annual event that combines Hallowe’en excitement with local Ohio forest education.  In addition to the lantern-lit walk through the forest, the girls enjoyed a few crafts, a story, and a snack in side the Center.


“Magic” fills The Wilderness Center trails during the Enchanted Forest. Children have a fun—but not scary—experience. Walk through the Enchanted Forest and meet various creatures of the night:

Dirt will dazzle you with tales about how important the soil under your feet is.

Raccoon, known as an omnivore, will tell you of the feast available in the woods.

Luna Moth will tell about metamorphosis and it’s cycle of life.

Skunk, usually a peaceful loner, will chat with you about the consequences of startling him.

Spider will spin yarns of the importance of silk for its survival.

Slug will tell you of its life and the slug puns humans use.

The Enchanted Forest is a fun, educational experience for children 4 to 10 years old. (They should bring their parents and grandparents along, too.)
Visitors are escorted around the trail by volunteer leaders called Fireflies, who light the way with lanterns. Along the trail, you stop for brief programs by the creatures inhabiting the Enchanted Forest. The walk takes about one hour. After the walk, refreshments are served in the building.
The fee is $6/member; $8/nonmember; free for children 3 & under. Children and adults are encouraged to wear costumes. Preregistration is required by cash, check, or credit card. Sign up early—The Enchanted Forest fills quickly! Members may register before Sep. 14. After that, registration is open to everyone. If you have older children, please consider signing up for the later session so families with small children and early bedtimes may come early. Call 877-359-5235 or register online at


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