Let’s Go Fly A Kite

I was very excited to discover that we were able to squeeze into an art class at the Butler Art Museum.  This is a local treasure, a beautiful museum of American Art right in the middle of Youngstown.  We are taking a class at the Trumbull branch, which works out quite well.  It is easy to get to, with plenty of free parking and a lovely campus.  Bonus: this class is just for homeschoolers.

Art museum

By the way, we were scolded for climbing on that sculpture. For future reference, it’s not a good idea to let your children touch professional art, even if it’s outside.

In the first class, the instructor had everyone sketch some potential kite designs on regular 9 x 12 white paper.  Once each student had decided on his particular design, she gave them the large, white, kite-shaped paper and had them transfer the design to it with pencil.  Then they outlined the design with permanent black marker.


S6 decided her kite would be an ice-cream cone.  The bottom of the cone is supposed to have white paper wrapped around it like they do with sugar cones at Handel’s.  It’s a strawberry cone, of course.  In her sketch you can see the ice cream (the part on the right, with the XXXs) is dripping down towards the heart, which is on the wrapper.

Kite sketch

Here it is on the second week, with some paint applied:

Ice cream kite

O4, who was a little shy at first, made a princess on her kite.  The princess’ feet are in fancy shoes with the heels touching each other down in the bottom corner.  Her dress takes up the wide part and her crown is at the top.  It’s got a very vivid blue background, which shows off all the pinks on her dress, hair and skin very nicely.  She’s even got some fancy gold eyes, nose and highlights.

Princess kite

Next week we are making sled kites, out of brown bags.   There are four kite classes in all, and then we will be starting another painting class held at the main building.



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