Fruit Farm Tour

Today we went on a field trip to Whitehouse Fruit Farm with our playgroup.  Whitehouse offers tours for school groups and we jumped at the chance to go.  It was a treat to see the orchards and barns up close and personal, especially since we visit there regularly to shop.

Before we went into the orchard, the guide showed us some of the many fruits and vegetables they grow. I was proud when she asked the kids what they could do with cabbage, and S6 piped up with “make halushki!”

Here is S6 trying on the apple-picking basket:

Apple picking basket

It was kind of a rainy day, but warm, so we didn’t mind traipsing around in our slickers and boots and carrying umbrellas.


We got to see the orchards, learned about how different apples ripen at different times, saw tiny trees that had just been planted, and visited the cold storage where things are kept until they are ready to be put out in the market. At the end of the tour, everyone shared a snack of cinnamon donuts and apple cider. We got to take home a little pumpkin and a coloring book, which was actually very informative when it came to how apple farms operate.

WH Tour



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