Water Treatment Plant

As part of our Camp Fire Trail to the Environment, we took a trip to our local water treatment plant to see what happens when you flush the toilet at home.

I hate to admit it, but this tour was fascinating!  Unfortunately, it was a warmish day, so it was a little “scented” in the first part, where the sewage first comes into the plant.  I didn’t take any pictures there because we were all busy holding our noses.  😉

We got to see inside the building, which is basically a lot of pumps and a big chemistry/biology lab.  The engineers spend a lot of time making sure there is a proper balance of microbes to “handle” the sewage.

By the end of the tour, the water is crystal clear and smells… well, it doesn’t smell at all! They allow the clean water to flow back into Mill Creek, and it’s cleaner than the natural creek water.

2010-09-21 18.32.38

We’re still a bit squeamish when we think too hard about what goes on here, but it’s all natural. 🙂



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