Make New Friends, But Keep The Old

Today was our first official Camp Fire meeting.  The girls have joined “Club Smiley”, led by my friend, Wendy.  I was a girl scout as a kid but never had any experience with Camp Fire.  However, after having been involved with scouting as an adult, I am not happy with the direction it has taken.  The Camp Fire program appears to be much less commercialized, much more community-oriented.

The kids are in the Starflight program, which is for K-2 grades.  There are several different “Trails” in the Starflight series, each one emphasizing service and/or learning.  We are working on our “Trail to the Environment” this semester.  This will include a trip to the Sanitation Engineer’s Water Treatment plant, a trip to the Ford Nature Center, and several other regular club meetings.

Today’s meeting was supposed to be an exploration of water, but -ironically enough- the weather did not cooperate.  Instead, we worked on some indoor activities and also colored our Club’s banner.

This was also the first day back to dance classes.  This year, the girls are taking Creative Tap together and then each one is in her own ballet class.  S6 is in Pre-Ballet I and O4 is in Creative Movement II.  They have Miss Jackie for all their classes.  She’s one of my favorite instructors at Ballet Western Reserve and I am glad she will be teaching them again this year.



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